Welcome to our second Misconception Mondays blog! Brandon explains a pretty common misconception that all escape rooms are scary. We know horror isn’t everyone’s favorite genre, and at Breakout KC we create experiences that are fun for the whole family.

While we enjoy thrills, none of our live-action escape rooms are horror-themed. No hidden figure is waiting to jump out at you and you won’t find yourself deciphering scary clues or puzzles. It’s just you, your friends and teammates and your game guide (watching from our control room to assist you as needed!)

Immerse yourself in a casino inside The Gambler, or roll back the clock to New Year’s Eve in 1999 in Y2K. Whichever adventure you choose, we’ve built our experiences with fun in mind, not fear.

Still not sure which adventure to play? Take our quiz to find out what room you and your friends should book for your next visit!

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