It’s finally summer and that means more free time for new adventures! With 11 different escape room adventures between our two locations, there’s always something to experience at Breakout KC.

We know escape rooms are “uncharted territory” for a lot of folks. That brings us to… Misconception Mondays! Over the next few weeks, we’ll share common misconceptions and how Breakout KC does escape rooms differently.

Brandon Baker, an escape room expert, explains our first common misconception. A lot of people ask, “Am I actually locked in the room?”

Short answer: Nope!

Long answer: Each room has an EXIT button and anyone can push it at any time in order to leave. If this button is pressed it will disqualify the group from any record times but doesn’t affect your room time. This allows players to grab a drink or run to the restroom during their experience.


Check back next Monday for another Misconception Monday tip! In the meantime, visit to book your next experience!

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